Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center

Facing Mental Illness

The truth about mental illness is that some can be cured, and others live with their condition for a lifetime. Turning Point, a community outpatient mental health center, honors that truth by involving clients as partners in their own treatment, treating each with dignity and providing meaningful support every step of the way, regardless of circumstance. The tagline we created embodies that ideal: Solid support. When you need it most.

We felt that communicating Turning Point’s mission authentically called for speaking directly to the issue of mental illness without sugar-coating—to acknowledge clients in their moments of need rather than showing clichéd happy outcomes. The  communications we developed are met consistently with an overwhelmingly positive response. 

Communications planning, positioning, message hierarchy
Identity update and rollout
Identity guidelines
Interiors, signage, super-graphics, art selection
Case statement
Referral source communications
Newsletter, event materials
Annual report