McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University

Whole-Brain Engineering™

Teaching students to think with both sides of the brain. Learning to frame a problem correctly, solve it collaboratively, and communicate it effectively. Having an impact with what one makes and how one thinks. This is whole-brain engineering.

Our collaboration with McCormick School of Engineering began with an engagement to make a radical design departure from their previous admissions communications. Since then, our work together has extended to the design of their alumni magazine Northwestern Engineering, program-specific recruitment communications for the Segal Design Institute, The Master of Science Program in Engineering Design Innovation (EDI), environmental installations, art selection consultation, and more. 

In each engagement, we have helped McCormick consistently communicate key brand messages clearly, concisely, and at the right pitch for their audience, whether alumni, students, faculty, donors, peers, partners, or prospects.


Client Success 
Our work with Northwestern continues to elicit rave reviews from key audiences across the board.

Research, interviews, information gathering
Identify key program and audience specific messages
Copywriting, design, art direction, art selection consultation
Production/installation management